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Dear community

In the interest of personal safety for both ourselves and our neighbors, LGG will be moving to advance orders with curbside pick up on designated days.


In order to maintain the recommended six foot distance for folks during the Corona Virus Pandemic we will join with many other businesses and bring your order out to you after you order online. This is a new experience for us, so please be patient while we work out the kinks with this new process.

Please click on  the PDF order form below, this will open a page where you can download the form to your own computer, you can then fill it out and attach it to an email to send back to us for fulfillment.


This will allow for a safer shopping and pick up experience. We will keep everyone posted about this as it unfolds.

We have SPRING SEEDS and soil and we will have local plant starts available starting next week (kale, spinach, arugula, chard, cabbage for sure).


NOW is the time to get busy planting!

On Friday we will have our sourdough from Walnut Schoolhouse and fresh kale from Full Sun Farm! More LOCAL elderberry products are arriving daily! We have plenty of farming families here in WNC, so we expect to have all the local foods & medicines no matter what happens nationally. 

Important: When you download the pdf order form and fill out your order you must save it before you email it back to us.


Stay in & be well!

Tara & Sean

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